I am now consulting again!

In the course of over 25 yrs in the food industry, working with primarily cereal grain foods, I have worked with products ranging from syrup sweeteners, to  RTE’s to high protein concentrates, in extruded products and in beverages.

I have made presentations and industry overviews to executives and boards both on technical and financial aspects of projects as well as being involved in sourcing for products, making product, application of product and product development.

I am very familiar with patent work and getting suitable coverage on trademark and patents.  I am familiar with detailed technical transfer and vetting of technical/ manufacturing capability. I have a deep understanding of technical tools, analysis and using this info to speed technical decisions. I work closely with production teams, QA and other disciplines and am very compatible with engineering. I can specify a production line or unit operation requirements and help design processes based on product requirements. I have great success in working with product managers in team effort.

I have a long, successful track record as a consultant and am certain I can reduce your time to market and contribute to your knowledge base.



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