Dr. Paul J. Whalen is a food scientist and an expert in the use of grains in foods – from an ingredient standpoint to the effects of the entire formula on the final product sensory aspects.

With 30 years of experience in the food industry, Dr. Whalen brings to bear that first and foremost requirement you should have when hiring a consultant… a working knowledge base that will reduce your time to formulate and make your product. Dr. Whalen’s experience in food formulation addresses the way all ingredients impact a product. Dr. Whalen will work with your team, or, independently, providing knowledge and skills which you may not have in-house or that you wish to add to your team to move projects along.

He has worked as an extension of a company’s R&D or Product Development and has provided the same to small companies lacking the resources for R&D. Dr. Whalen has worked on products from the original high protein soy pieces in nutrition bars to specialized medical breakfast cereal. Dr. Whalen has worked on cereals like Cheerios®, Wheaties®, and Corn flakes as well as snacks like Dorito® chips and fabricated snacks.

He has worked with coating and glazing, supplementation, and sweetening multiple products including beverages. Dr. Whalen can bring you solutions in a short time by consultation evaluation on or off-site. He has brought solutions to companies simply by describing the problem by conference call as well as coming on-site to work with the production or R&D team.

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