42 DE OatSweet Syrup; offers excellent binding characteristics with primary applications being bars and clusters. Flavor is light caramel, medium sweetness. It’s characterized by high maltodextrins for complex carbs. A dry power version is also now available.

60 DE OatSweet Syrup; excellent coating (glaze) on RTE cereals or sweetening bars, beverages, ice cream, candy and more.

55 Oat Protein: light tan powder, averages 55% protein with excellent amino acid profile, slightly sweet with “blandness” which is compatible for flavoring, no masking required. It will also brown to a nice toasted flavor.

Low DE Oat-Plex; A dry powder of a low DE (10-14) oat flour conversion. High in complex carbohydrates and low in sugar. Composition of oat flour. Contains maltodextrins for complex carb’s supplement in nutritional mixes, beverages or bars. Hydrates well.

The world's only oat-healthy sweetener

Dr. Paul Whalen Consulting Press